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Hoops Workouts

by appointment only - private gym, personal attention.
204 Hoops Academy players have moved on to the NCAA since 2008!

A Definitely Sports Company

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Coach Sharr  

What We Offer
• Individual moves with and without the dribble
• Screens, picks, positioning
• The art of shooting: form, repetition
• Point guard skills: vision, court sense
• Big man drills, post play
• Hand/Eye coordination drills
• Competitive scrimmages

From The Director
Having coached at the collegiate level, I realize the drive, skills and attitude it takes to get to the next hoop level. That next level for YOU may be Biddy, Rec, CYO, MS, HS, College or Pro, basketball is fun and challenging and so are our workouts! Self esteem and motivation are two key areas of our program... if you have the confidence, your game WILL improve!

For more details on Coach Sharr's Hoops Academy, Click Here to print the brochure and registration form or call 610-659-HOOP (4667) or email Coach Sharr

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